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This article about one of our Hackathon participants, Bryce Olson, was published in Forbes Magazine on March 31, 2021. It was written by Tom Davenport and covers Bryce’s story, the views of his oncologist Rana McKay, and the role of diagnostic companies.

Key excerpt: “Olson’s cancer has been discussed at several tumor boards. But the one he found most helpful was a virtual discussion involving himself, Dr. McKay, three other oncologists from different medical centers, scientists focused on clinical development for prostate cancer at FMI, and a representative from Xcures, a startup that is using AI to match cancer patients with treatment options beyond the standard of care. The team discussed and debated 5 therapeutic approaches and got consensus on the top 3 in order.”

The Future Of Work Now: Bryce Olson, His Oncologist, Genetic Screening Companies And Prostate Cancer Treatment

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