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Prostate Cancer Lab #2: Updates on Patients, Tests, and Treatments

Meeting Summary

Advanced prostate cancer patients Brian McCloskey and Rick Stanton shared progress in the last week in their testing and treatment research and answered questions about the four main activities of the Prostate Cancer Lab:

  • Attract patients: 9 patients have registered with the Prostate Cancer Lab. Brian has invited them to a meeting to learn about their needs and interests. We hope to use relationships with prostate cancer groups, such as AnCan, the Prostate Cancer Foundation, and the National Alliance of Prostate Cancer Coalitions to raise awareness of our work and attract patients who would go through our process. Brian described the relationship he has built with Gina Carithers, founder of Urotoday, and Chuck Ryan, new CEO at the Prostate Cancer Foundation. Zsuzsanna Devecseri, head of global oncology at Sanofi, offered to help with conversations with PCF.

  • Gather data: Rick is trying to get access to spatial analysis and apply it to guide his treatment strategy. Rick is working with City of Hope to see whether he can get tissue for sequencing, spatial analysis, and/or an organoid, where Saul Priceman may help. He is also pursuing an IRB-approved workaround with TGen. Lucence is going to run a blood biopsy on Brian. Brian is talking to SEngine about getting an organoid made of his tumor tissue which could be used for testing. Through his relationship with Saul Priceman, Brian has organized a meeting this week with Peter Kuhn, a leader in blood biopsies and testing for prostate cancer.

  • Analyze data, find treatment options: Laura Kleiman, founder and CEO at RebootRx, described the research they have been doing to prioritize opportunities to repurpose generic drugs for prostate cancer.

  • Define treatment strategy: Rick Davis triggered a conversation focusing on Rick and Brian’s best next treatment, arguing they should try to get access to Pluvicto, a newly-approved prostate cancer drug that binds a radioactive nanoparticle (Lutetium) to antigens which are uniquely on the surface of prostate cancer cells (Prostate-Specific Membrane Antigen).



  • Please invite to join us, or let us know, if there is anyone who could help us on our mission to accelerate access to emerging (research use only) tests to guide prostate cancer treatment decisions (“right to see”).
  • Please join our online discussion forum on Discord for 24/7 conversation. Please register to receive the link.

Meeting Recording

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