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Prostate Cancer Lab #3: Tests and Treatments for Rick Stanton

Meeting Summary

Advanced prostate cancer patient Rick Stanton shared details on his testing and medical history, treatment options being considered, and the tests he would like to see to inform his future treatment decisions. 

  • Medical history: Rick shared a table with his PSA measurements and treatment history. His PSA is currently under control, and he is looking to have his next treatment ready to go.

  • Treatment options: Rick listed the treatment options that have been recommended to him. Dr. John Laird suggested that trying chemotherapy combinations in the lab of Bob Nagourney at the Nagourney Cancer Institute would have a greater assurance of efficacy (80-90%) than clinical trials (15%). Rick Davis endorsed treatments with more evidence, and recommended that Rick revisit his initial diagnosis, as well as considering Pluvicto (PSMA-targeted radiation nanoparticles).

  • Tests requested and analysis desired: Rick has requested IHC stains that will provide indications on his likely responsiveness to immunotherapies. He is offering his extensive medical data to anyone who would like to hack on it.

We continue work on “right to see” – finding ways for patients to be able to access data from “research use only” tests run on them.


  • Please let us know if you know anyone who might be interested in being a principal investigator, or any potential funding organizations, for an observational feasibility study on providing data from emerging (research use only) tests to patients to guide their prostate cancer treatment decisions (“right to see”).
  • If you would like access to Rick or Brian’s data, please contact them.
  • Please join our online discussion forum on Discord for 24/7 conversation.

Next Meeting Agenda- Bioinformatics, the Prostate Cancer Foundation, and an Advanced Prostate Cancer Roadmap

Please join us for our next video chat on Wednesday, April 13, at noon Eastern, where we plan to discuss:

  • Saed Sayad will present a bioinformatics analysis of prostate cancer using public databases. Dr. Sayad is an MD by training, and currently a professor of data science in the computer science department at Rutgers, and founder of Biodata.
  • Brian McCloskey will update us on conversations he is having with the Prostate Cancer Foundation about collaboration.
  • Rick Stanton will share a roadmap and guidelines he is developing for advanced prostate cancer.

Meeting Recording

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