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I'm Brad Power.

How Can I Help People with a Cancer Diagnosis Navigate to the Best Options for Their Cancer Treatment?

In July of 2018 I was diagnosed with lymphoma and have gone through a course of chemotherapy. Building on that experience and my 35+ years of consulting and research on process innovation and business transformation, I am focusing my professional activities on helping people with a cancer diagnosis navigate to the best options for their treatment.

For more on my background, see my profile on LinkedIn.​

Brad Power
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What’s my motivation? How am I making money on this? Do I have a business interest?

I don’t make any money from the information on this website or in the articles I write. 

I’m motivated primarily by wanting to: 

  • contribute my understanding of how organizations work to increase active involvement of people with a cancer diagnosis and their caregivers; 
  • provide a shopper’s guide to apps and online services that address the “jobs to be done” of someone with a cancer diagnosis; and,
  • accelerate innovation and improvement of cancer treatment, especially the adoption of personalized (“n-of-1”) therapies, based on assembling extensive health data and matching it with targeted therapies

Cancer Treatment Affiliations

For a list of groups that do work related to cancer treatment that I’m a customer of, I’m affiliated with, I’ve joined, or conferences I’ve attended, click here.